PIs: Marcus Dersch, P.E. | Arthur Lima Experiments were conducted in a loading frame filled with ~24 inches of ballast […]
PI: Prof. Bill Spencer, Prof. James Phillips, and Prof. German Gurfinkel
PI: M. Golparvar-Fard/ Student: A. Ibrahim This research explores new path planning and navigation methods for autonomous robotic platforms that […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Student: K.E. Kim Bridges with various timber structural components make up a large portion of the transportation infrastructure […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Student: A. Zafar For many years, steel has been used as the primary reinforcing material for concrete structures. […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Student: M. Sung This project focused on developing an Adaptive Prestressing System (APS) for concrete crossties. The new […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Student: A. Pozolo Self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is a workable yet stable concrete which flows easily and consolidates under […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Student: H. Zhao Concrete bridges play an important role in the transportation network. However, there are more than […]
PI: B. Andrawes/Students: M. Shin and Q. Chen This research focuses on examining the use of shape memory alloy (SMA) […]